A Passion for Visual Branding

Filipa Amado - Designer for Snowball

Growing up, I was one of those kids who wanted to be something different every day. My grandfather encouraged me to become whatever I wanted. He would buy books to help me learn more about my current topic of interest. I had a big bookcase full of books covering various topics; science, history, art, geography, cinema, architecture, and fashion design. Among all these books, this one book stood out to me, and I read it every night. It was called “The Design of The Century”.

Creating Brands Across the World

Art was the only area that made sense for me to study, especially since I was always the artistic kid in class. When looking at the different courses available at my school, I was immediately drawn to 'Communication Design'. And at that moment I remembered that book I always use to read. Something clicked - then and there, design became the gateway for me to learn more about all the other topics that had been on my bookcase.

I love how I get to learn about so many different professions, through creating various brands.

Being addicted to structure the way I am, I had my ten-year plan ready by fifteen. But after studying design for six years, I felt I needed more. I needed a change. Marketing was a field of interest to me, so I decided to focus on that. This mix of skills allowed me to approach my work and the brands I created with a new perspective. I already had design-thinking in my bag, but now I could also understand how a brand could perform in the market. With this change, another surprise emerged.

With the opportunity to move to Norway, I had to adjust my plan yet again. This change was very unexpected, and it was unlike me to take such a leap of faith. But it turned out really well! Now I am working with brands from a wide range of markets, just as I planned to do when I first started to study design. And for the future, who knows? I've come to learn not to think too hard about my ten-year plan and instead enjoy what comes next.

Creating Brands through Visual Design

I love branding and everything related to presenting the world with something new. This includes following a brand from A-Z, securing a stable process, and focusing on all the little details that make the final product perfect. From designing the identity to the customer experience itself. The way I see it, understanding this process creates a better outcome and a stronger brand. Great design is more than what meets the eye; it`s everything behind the message one wants to convey.

Great design is more than what meets the eye.

Having a memorable brand means that you have created a message people will decode and associate with the right things. A brand speaks to the customer, and a relationship is created.

A good brand creates a sense of belonging. A community.

To me, it’s imperative that our values and what we’re all about is clear in everything we do. Not in words, necessarily, but in the decoded message too.