The New Normal Grant for Students!!

At New Normal Group, we believe in the potential within people and the solutions created by them. But who said challenging the status quo is only for grown-ups? Every day, we are impressed by the creativity and problem-solving skills of the world’s talented young people. So technologically savvy and aware that they will undoubtedly be the drivers of innovation for the future. 

That’s why, to support these game-changers of tomorrow, we are introducing the New Normal Grant for students. Our grant is primarily aimed at students studying entrepreneurship who have a student company or product project as part of their studies. However, other relevant student projects aimed at entrepreneurship or business development will also be considered.

Grant Design

The New Normal Grant consists of 2 elements:

  • NOK 10.000 for operations, investments, or other financial needs tied to the project
  • 3-5 hours of mentoring and coaching tailored to specific project needs

NNG aims to identify projects with an exponential investment strategy backed by motivated people, and support them with strategic coaching that can directly aid in learning and growth. In return, we hope to expand our ecosystem of passionate, tech-loving human beings, and build new relationships with the innovators of tomorrow. 

Success is ultimately about people; their unique talents, passions and perspectives. Seeing how diversity has been and continues to sit at the core of our business model, fuelling our competitive edge, we deeply believe that harboring different perspectives when evaluating projects is imperative to making the best decisions. 

With this in mind, all submitted project ideas will be evaluated by a grant board consisting of people with varying backgrounds within business development, finance, and people/ organization. The same fields of expertise will also be available as potential mentoring resources throughout the project lifecycle. 

The Details

Admission deadlines: 

We have 2 admission periods for student projects seeking business support: one early in the year, and one during the fall. Deadlines will be announced prior to each period.

How to apply:
Send an email to, with the title "New Normal Grant". Describe your project; your business idea, business plan, the team, as well as other project components that may be ready.

We would also need information about which university you are attending and information about your studies.

Our evaluation board will have a look at all submitted cases, according to the criteria listed below. 

Evaluation criteria:

We are looking for projects with an Exponential Investment Strategy, offering:

  • concepts that chase the new normal
  • with exponential business models
  • where software is a key component
  • with exceptional teams
  • with resources to execute

If you are a student with a project that could benefit from business advice through the eyes of our serial entrepreneurs and software industry insiders, we want to hear from you. In doubt? Don’t hesitate to reach out for an informal chat about your project's possible match with our grant. 

Chasing the new normal doesn’t have to be done alone - join our community of doers and watch the magic happen.