Ties That Bind

Olga Chorazyczewska - Gründerassistent for Origami Paperworks

The word ‘freedom’ means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But for me, freedom represents an open horizon. That state of mind where the sky’s the limit. This freedom is the only thing that brings out the real me. Mainly because freedom has also been my space for learning. You become responsible for your actions living like this and quickly find your limits, weaknesses, and strengths. It’s probably why I was addicted to freedom as a kid. Always looking for something to challenge me and make me feel alive: rollerblading, climbing trees, riding my scooter, and swimming a bit too far from shore. 

Feel the Freedom

When I was twelve, my mom asked about reuniting with my dad in Norway. To her (and everyone else’s surprise), I was beyond excited to drop my life in Poland and jump at the chance to be challenged in a new place with my family. Once there, I picked up the language fast and, in doing so, became my family’s bonafide translator. Specifically for my dad’s construction business, leaving me to handle legal documents and payments long. At twenty, I even ran the company when my dad had to return to Poland for a month. I think this is where my love of entrepreneurship comes from because all I remember is loving it.

You shouldn’t stop pursuing something because it’s difficult; you should stop because it doesn’t make your heart happy. 

I couldn’t find a comfortable place to settle for a long while, or at least what felt like a long while. Once I graduated from high school, I thought I was missing out on a life in Poland. So I enrolled in a five-year physiotherapy program in Cracow. But I soon realized I was now too far from my family in Norway and still too far from my Polish family (and too busy!) to see them regularly. And then there were the doubts: was this even what I wanted to do with my life? Did I want to be a physiotherapist, or did I want to run a business? So after six months, I quit the program and returned to Norway.

A World of Possibilities

Once I found the study program “innovation and entrepreneurship”, I knew I was on the right track. And there were three main reasons for this; The first was that this field of work is growing. And as an immigrant with family in multiple places, I wanted to ensure my profession could be easily transferrable across countries. Secondly, the program aligned with the skills I had already developed since I was a teen working for my dad’s construction business. And reason number three? It aligned with my long-term goal of helping small companies get the resources, direction, and support they need to get off the ground and succeed in their market.

I love anything that’s challenging or forces me out of laziness. You can even see it show up in my favorite hobby: baking. I prefer long, complex recipes where you have to start from scratch. 

I didn’t actually find the New Normal Group - the New Normal found me! Lene came across my Linkedin profile through a positive post I wrote about a recent employer. Out of all the experiences listed on my CV, what stood out most to them was helping my dad through bad customers, accounting mistakes, and threatening Municipality letters. This left me with such a good impression of the Group that I chose to start working with Origami before I even finished my studies. Funny enough, I always used to think that having a job would mean being controlled. Still, Origami showed me it was just the opposite. I found freedom and flexibility in helping others, making my own decisions, and being trusted among my teammates. The entire experience has helped me believe that there is still some good left in this world - people looking out for other people.