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Tilamork Lifestyle Industries

B2C companies at the intersection of e-commerce, brands and digital media.

We start, incubate, invest and grow independent B2C companies where we can rethink business models with the use of technology.

We exploit cutting edge software, digital business and marketing expertise across the New Normal Group to add a competitive edge. We are industrial long term owners that build profitable growth industries.

We believe in local traditions. The word Tilamork is the old word for Telemark, the region in Norway where our brand originated.

Our Brands

Farstad & Co logo

Premium Coffee Brand

Farstad & Co

Premium coffee brand with roastery and coffee shop in Skien, Norway. Providing premium coffee effortlessly through subscriptions for individuals and businesses.
Bunad Magasinet logo

Magazine and book publisher

Bunad Magasinet

The leading magazine in the Nordics on folk costumes (Bunad). Digital and print publications of magazines. Book publishing through Smøyg Forlag. E-Commerce with its own brands.
MyRevolution logo

Health- and sports nutrition


Premium brand for unique health- and sports nutrition products produced under own brand and sold directly to customers online. Vision is to help people become better versions of themselves.
Skiens Cykkelfabrik logo

Artisan bikes

Skiens Cykkelfabrik

Bikes of high quality, great design, top performance with attention to details you will not find elsewhere. Designs and manufactures bikes in Skien, Norway, which are sold online. Skien Cykkelfabrik with the bike brand Speed is a re-establishment of the old brand from 1926.


New Normal Growth Services

Independent expert companies helping growth companies and ambitious enterprises succeed in a digital world.

New Normal Venture

An entrepreneurial industry-driven approach to venture investments. Focus on software- and technology-enabled companies with global potential. Key sectors are B2B software platforms, SaaS, Finch and IoT.


We are always looking for talent to join our team. Check out the openings in our group companies.


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