About Us

Chasing the New Normal

Who are we?

New Normal Group is an entrepreneurial software group.

Our mission is to build exponential companies that chase the new normal of their industries.

As a passionate and diverse team of entrepreneurs and software industry insiders, we rethink the business models of tomorrow by developing the potential within people and the technology created by them.

We do so because success is about people; their unique talents, passions and ways of thinking. Using diversity as a competitive edge, we partner with exceptional founders and teams, and support them with the strategic coaching, resources and funding needed to execute. 

Our formula for success is what ultimately creates magic, and allows our teams to focus on what matters most: people, product, customers and growth.

What do we do?

New Normal Group primarily looks to invest into independent software companies as an active, long term owner. We do this without the structural limitations that usually come with traditional venture capital and private equity. 

This flexibility allows us to adapt and explore the potential of each company independently of company stage, location, age or industry, for as long as it makes sense. 

Driven by a passion that fuels our creative & curious pursuits, we are committed to continuously challenging the status quo.

Just like our people, every company we choose to invest in is unique.

At New Normal Group Venture Lab, we co-found new ventures together with exceptional founders. From early seed through the growth phase, we invest through New Normal Venture, our very own venture capital vehicle. And when it comes to long term industrial lead ownership, we make Direct Equity investments. 

Supported by the New Normal Prove & Scale Model, we work with passion and speed to take companies from start-up to scale-up. Our continued success is achieved by combining exponential thinking and entrepreneurship, as we systematically design, build, and grow businesses for exponential scale.

The New Normal is

Something previously
perceived as abnormal
becoming commonplace

Why we do it

We are technology optimists and believe that humanity, through the use of innovation, technological advancements, and the resulting change in habits, will directly solve our world's most pressing challenges, improving the quality of life for every living thing across the globe.

Our vision that the abnormal will define the new normal is a vision of change for the better, driven by people, ideas, and concepts that today might seem strange, scary, or even abnormal.

Our mission to chase the new normal, supporting the entrepreneurs and ventures that set out to change the world for the better, is what ultimately drives our passions.

Join the New Normal