Chasing the New Normal

An Entrepreneurial Approach to Building Exponential Companies.

Growth is essential to success, whether talking about a person, idea, or company. Seeing diversity as a competitive edge, our formula partners us with exceptional founders and teams, and supports them with the strategic coaching, resources, and funding needed to execute.

As entrepreneurs, we rethink the business models of tomorrow by developing the potential within people and the technology created by them. As a software group, we invest in independent software companies, with a long term perspective not limited by traditional venture capital and private equity.

Our mission is to build exponential companies that chase the new normal of their industries. The toolbox for investing and supporting their growth are organized into four parts:

Our Tool Box

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Growth Services

Combining insights and expertise to help ambitious enterprises, start-ups, and scale-ups accelerate their growth in a rapidly changing global environment.

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Venture Lab

Co-founding new exponential companies with the use of software and technology, together with exceptional founders.

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An entrepreneurial approach to venture capital investments.

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Long term industrial ownership of exponential software and software-enabled companies.

New Normal Growth Services is a portfolio of independent service companies, specialized in helping ambitious enterprises, startups and scale-ups adapt to a global business environment that has been redefined by software and technology. Here, the number one priority is to help our clients accelerate their growth, just as we do when building our very own group companies.

Fast forward to today, and we deeply understand the importance of finding the right types of people. This is why each of our Growth Service companies are composed of teams of international experts related to product design, software development, growth marketing, content and film production, corporate finance, accounting, HR, administrative services and beyond.

Coming together as speed and execution fanatics, we thrive when working with other high-performing specialists. This is why we invest with purpose, looking for extraordinary companies that can offer their fair share of international expertise, as well as share our desire to chase the new normal.

This pool of experts also help support many of our ventures at a variety of different life cycle stages. Together, we work with some of the most ambitious companies, helping them realize their long-term plans, accelerate their growth, and set best-practices.

Current Growth Services companies of New Normal Group:

  • Snowball Digital - Product design, product development and growth services.
  • Origami Paperworks - Accounting, administrative and HR services and systems.
  • Splæsh - Storytelling, content and film production.
  • Assetto - Entrepreneurial Corporate Finance.

At the New Normal Venture Lab, we prototype and co-found new business ventures. We look for opportunities with not only exponential business models, but that have the potential to redefine the new normal of their industry through the use of software and technology. We do this together with exceptional co-founders, and are supported by insights, expertise, and resources from our investment team and the different group companies.

Building a new venture is not about luck, it is about doing the right thing at the right time. For us, this means systematically taking companies through the different stages of our Prove & Scale process, which continuously adapts and improves the concept, product, and business model, all while adding the right resources needed to accelerate each company stage. What this achieves is an increased likelihood of success, as well as an optimized balance between risk and reward.

New Normal Venture is our Venture Capital investment vehicle, where we invest from pre-seed, through seed, and up into the early venture stage. Our investments are focused in software and software-enabled companies that hold exponential growth potential.

Besides the exponential potential of the business model, we also look for great teams - those with the skills, experiences, and the entrepreneurial attitude to drive the company’s vision through the challenges of a start-up. We become a hands-on supporting partner, actively involved in helping the founding teams succeed, while utilizing expertise and resources from other group companies if needed.

While we typically take board seats, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty as we know that real results are created in the field. Often becoming an extended part of the team, once on board we are a partner who stays with the company throughout its journey of ups and down, and onward towards success.

If you are a founder with an exponential business idea, seeking a partner helping you take your company from a start-up to a scale-up, we would love to discuss how we can help you succeed.

Since our founding in 2012, our mission has always been to invest hands-on in software-enabled growth companies by combining our backgrounds in finance, software, and entrepreneurship.

Now as an entrepreneurial software group, we have a portfolio of long-term industrial positions with a majority ownership position.

In particular, it is New Normal Equity that makes the direct equity investments, which provides us with a lead-ownership position. As the lead owner, we take an active role in scaling the company into a global scale with a long term perspective.

New Normal Grant for students!

Our grant is primarily aimed at students studying entrepreneurship who have a student company or product project as part of their studies. However, other relevant student projects aimed at entrepreneurship or business development will also be considered.

Fueled by Coffee

Innovation grows from human interaction and connection, and coffee has long served as its platform. To honor this history, we built our very own specialty coffee roastery and coffee bar, Farstad & Co, operating out of our company headquarters.

Farstad & Co serves as a natural meeting place for great discussions. Whether it be for our team, our group companies, or an individual, Farstad & Co sits at the heart of the Group, supplying the caffeine needed for our endless exponential growth endeavors.

Join the New Normal