A Third Generation Artist

Astrid Nymoen - Lead Design for Snowball Digital

All my life, artistic women have surrounded me. Specifically, I’m talking about my mother and grandmother, who were always expressing their life experiences through the stroke of a brush. This imprinted into my subconscious because creating art is also a core part of who I am today. It’s what defined my adolescence. It’s what I pursued in my studies. And it’s what I draw inspiration from to enhance my design work. George Iness said that the true use of art is to cultivate the artist’s own spiritual nature. I definitely think that’s what happened to me.

Big Dreams

I come from a small town in Southern Norway. A cozy place that is beautifully rooted in traditional living. But I needed to widen my horizons, so I moved north and made Bergen my home for the next few years. Bergen is a city full of life, full of color, and full of culture from around the world. Here I studied art and film history, as well as visual communication and design. While doing so, I worked with visuals that were to be used in live performances. That is where I really focused my energy on motion graphics.

I like challenging my audiences. Simultaneously exposing them to different sensory inputs and outputs. That’s the beauty of multidimensional experiences. Getting people to actively pursue, rather than passively receive

After a time of theatre-like performances, I was hired by Dagens Næringsliv, a well-respected Norwegian publication. I started as an editor but eventually shifted over to a digital designer. For six years, I fine-tuned my passion for creating stories through visual representation and visual communication. I love finding that special connection between words and visuals. It is like magic when they can be displayed as one cohesive entity. It’s probably why I believe that websites are not just pages to be visited, but individual worlds waiting to be experienced.

Trading Grey for Green

Time brought me a wonderful family and the desire to live simply, away from the bustle of city life. In Skien, my husband’s hometown, we found what we were looking for: the support of family and abundant nature. Unexpectedly, the move also brought an exciting new professional opportunity. Today, as Design Lead at Snowball Digital, I have had many new, exciting challenges. And over time, I have come to find a lot of meaning in those challenges, whether managing others, improving team communication or creating spaces that foster creativity.

I love getting lost, whether that be in a new city or in my art.

When I was younger, a big part of my life revolved around traveling. The desire to see, experience, and understand the world was invaluable to me. But like many others, adult responsibilities and global pandemics have changed things a bit. Knowing I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, I am quite thankful that I can look back and relish the time I had getting lost in places such as Prague, London, and Geneva. Luckily for me, I don’t necessarily need to travel abroad to get lost: that is also what my art is for.