Artisan Barista with a Heart for People

Diana Campos - Coffee Bar Manager for Farstad & Co

I never feel like I’m at work in the coffee shop. It feels more like I’m hanging out with my friends. I’ve always been a little shy, but I have gotten to a place where I feel much more secure through my work. I feel like I have found my home. I love to meet new people through my job, seeing all the different people who live in our neighbourhood and hearing their stories.

Discovering a New Passion

One day, I was out walking and passed a couple of guys carrying furniture into a small shop. It looked very laidback and hip. So I went over and asked if I could work with them. I had no idea what that would be. At first they said they didn't need any extra help, but two weeks later they called me anyway. It turned out they ran a bar, which we later developed into a coffee bar.

I’ve been hooked on coffee ever since.

I've become the SpongeBob SquarePants of coffee. I am as obsessed with it just as he is of his crabby-patty burgers. I can spend hours watching coffee roasting on YouTube, or studying how to create new latte art.

Continuous Focus and Learning

I love focusing on all the details of my job so I can develop our products to perfection. If you make sure all the necessary steps are done just the right way, always adding in a little extra, the result will be smashing. And it’s so much fun. I feel calm when I can spend time researching and developing our products, learning how to lift a flavor further or highlight a scent.

Everything you do serves a purpose.

The more I learn about my trade, the more humble I am about the intricacies of it. Everything you do serves a purpose; the temperature of the water, how quick you pour it, the type of roast, or the order you mix all the ingredients. It all affects the quality of your end product and the customer experience.

The keyword we use for our products and for the great coffee we serve is quality. We trace our beans from start to end, roast them to perfection, and focus on continuous. The ultimate goal is to be able to find new and better ways to deliver the best coffee to our customers.