Music: a Magic Beyond All

Frode Klavenes - Content Director for Splæsh

Ever since I was a kid, I have been interested in the world of sound. I remember the good old days of cassette tape recorders, where my friends and I would create different kinds of radio shows and comedies. Little did I know that such an innocent hobby would turn into a life-long love affair, allowing me to work within radio, music, and television productions across the globe.

Humble Beginnings

I grew up in Sandefjord, a small place on the coast of eastern Norway. In high school, I thought I would end up a teacher since I myself enjoyed learning. But when I was taking some classes to test my interest in higher education, I was also interning at the local radio station. I soon realized how much fun the dynamic environment of media was, and soon made my way over to do some work with a broadcasting company.

Getting to work with different actors, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and languages - it all feels like an endless reward.

Excited to chase a career in the industry, I went for a formal degree in TV Production in Lillehammer - that place of the 1994 winter Olympics. The event left behind huge recording studios and production facilities for students to use at their leisure. This period of my life became a springboard to working as a film editor and director, something I have been doing ever since. This work includes preparing shoots (whether script, content, scenes or angles), directing on set, and editing the projects after shooting. Such projects have brought me to different countries across the world, leading me to record, VoiceOver, or dub in many different languages.

The Sound of Music

While I love media production in general, the one thing that has always ignited my soul is music. The magic of music is how it fills up time and space in a way that no words can. I feel pretty grateful that I get to use music so much in my day-to-day work. Choosing the right music for the right video makes a world of difference. Someone may not consciously notice how the right type of music and proper editing can enhance a piece of media, but they can always subconsciously feel it. Just try to imagine how different the viewer experience would be without such components!

Music enhances moments, feelings, and memories. It’s like speaking without words. It has the ability to take you to another place and time.

My free time is an extension of my work and often involves making music. I play a couple of instruments; the violin has, in particular, been a part of my life since I was seven years old. But I am also a dad with two boys who are just about ready to leave the nest. So I am looking forward to a future filled with a bit more time for my other hobbies, like hiking, culinary experiences, and traveling to culturally diverse places. Yet, all in all, I see my future looking much like my life looks today: I love my job and colleagues at Splæsh, I love working with people, and I love delivering high-quality products.