Windows of Opportunity

Didrik Hegna - Head of Design for Crystallize

If I were to choose a spirit animal for myself, it would be a unicorn. I feel multi-talented, you know? My disciplines are magically diverse. You see, I have experience with visual arts and communication. But I also understand and can implement UI/UX design. Creatively, I know my way around a camera, but I also have a business mindset. I helped found Snowball, our sister design and growth marketing company, and I am a partner of New Normal Group. Every opportunity is just that, an opportunity. And I love the freedom to say "yes!" if it means learning, growing, and helping people make the best end-product. 

Image Infatuation

I read many comic books growing up, but it wasn't the stories inside that interested me most. It was the layout of the covers. The first thing I would do was flip the magazine over to see the sneak peek of the next issue. But, once the internet reached my Porsgrunn household in 1996, I shifted to being hooked on digital images. I became fascinated with how it all worked, particularly the way pictures could be manipulated. Perhaps at that moment, my inner designer was truly born.

I love what is known as "Nordic Minimalism." Ask anyone on the team, and they will probably tell you how much I enjoy annoying them about the importance of white space and content pacing.

After my studies, I felt like I needed some help finding a life direction. So I asked my third cousins, Bård and Aleksander Farstad, for some advice. Well-versed in the technology world and its direction, they suggested I head out to gain experience in interaction design. So this is what I did for four years: fine-tuning and sharpening my design skills to become a valuable asset to future companies. Unexpectedly, my 'future company' ended up being with the New Normal Group. I got hired under Snowball Digital and, within a week, developed the brand. Over the years, I continued to move around internally to help grow many of the other New Normal Group companies, an opportunity I am forever grateful to have received. 

Knowledge is Power

What I like the most about my job is the endless opportunity to learn. Even though I am a designer at heart, I love developing because it helps me have better relationships with fellow developers. Another new love? Content modeling and architecture, simply because it was another new field that would challenge my thinking and broaden my set of skills. Recently, I have been a part of many client meetings, helping explain how to build their products. This type of communication is also a challenge because it is so new to me, but that is what makes it so fun!

Don't be afraid of change. Don't be afraid to step into the unknown. Risks often bring rewards, whether you fail or succeed.

Being a dad has softened me up. Work used to be all that I lived for, but now my little girl is my number one priority. It's incredible to watch her learn new things. Just like her dad, if she isn't constantly challenged, she gets bored! My love of design has bled into this new chapter, with many DIY projects growing in interest - mainly interior design. My big dream is to build my own house based on the Batman vs. Superman movie. Have I mentioned I am a huge movie nerd? You bet I am. And you can find my endless pop-culture references woven into the brands I work with. Not just in their voice but in the way they communicate with the world.