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An entrepreneurial approach to venture investments

We partner with unique teams to build future exponential companies that
chase the new normal of their industry using software and technology.

We are software insiders with hands-on experience starting, incubating and scaling software companies into global scale. We know that the real value is created in the field and not the board room, so we focus on supporting what matters; team, customers, product and growth.

Thinking exponentially, we invest into companies with concepts that chase the new normal of their industry. Companies that use or build cutting edge software and rethink business models to scale exponentially.

Most importantly, success is about the people; their unique talent, drive and culture. We look for exceptional teams and support them with the resources and funding needed to execute.

Are you a founder with an exponential business idea, seeking a partner helping you take your company from a start-up to a scale-up? We would love to discuss how we can help you succeed.

What our Founders Say

Kent R Bråthen - Co-founder and CEO of Mevo

"We build software that helps brands educate and motivate sales people and ambassadors. The tools are digital, but it’s really all about people. New Normal Group adds structure, experience, and a lot of energy to our strategic work and desire for constant business development. They are of great value to me and to our company."

Bjørn Busund - Co-founder and Chief Medical officer of Frøya Life

"As a gynaecologist, I have had to navigate the hopelessness and despair that often comes with telling a woman of her fertility issues. Frøya Life developed as a direct solution to this: by freezing some of a woman’s eggs at an earlier, optimal age when quantity and quality is best, we can offer a sort of insurance that allows for extra time and freedom related to family-planning.

As a cofounder in Frøya Life, I have experienced first-hand the importance of diversified competencies when developing a new company. New Normal Group has contributed significantly with their expertise in digitization, communication (including social media), logistics, and strategy development. I can’t see how we could have succeeded without their contributions."

Are Sandersen - Co-Founder and CEO of CEMIT

“At CEMIT, we redefine how railways are built, operated, and maintained through our intelligent railway systems. By using sensor data, machine learning, rail expertise and data visualisation, we make railways become more accurate, predictable and efficient.


New Normal Group came on board as our first investor, becoming a partner and working closely with us when it came to defining our strategy, finding our market niche, fine-tuning our product and building up our marketing strategy. Their software insight and expertise from other industries has been key in this process, helping us take a cutting edge position within the railway market.”

Join the New Normal

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Career Opportunities

Do you think exponentially, love diversity and want to chase the new normal with us? Check the open positions in our group companies.
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Are you a founder or entrepreneur with an exponential business idea, seeking a partner helping you take your company from a start-up to a scale-up we would love to discuss how we can help you succeed.
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