Diversity and Inclusion

We talk a lot about diversity. And we are proud of our diverse team. As winners of the Diversity Award, diversity and inclusion are imperative to our business model and lie at the core of everything we do.

Let us explain what diversity means to us.

To us, diversity is not only about nationality, gender, or age. We create our new normal by challenging the status quo. And we do so by bringing different perspectives together. These perspectives can stem from a variety of sources, be it cultural background, education, experience, age, hobbies, expertise or any other aspect of what we all bring with us.

We create magic by combining these and allowing everyone to be heard.

For everyone to be heard, they must be allowed to have a voice. As a result, in our new normal you cannot have true diversity without genuine inclusion. To cite a wise woman; If diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is the invitation to dance.

A sense of belonging is a paramount in an inclusive workplace.

We add value to our businesses through our people. We believe in developing the potential within people, and the technology and solutions created by them. It is our people that will make or break the success of our projects and companies. When they have a sense of belonging and feel it's safe to bring their unique selves to work, they perform better. They contribute to the growth of our companies on a whole other level.

Equality vs Equity - equal is not always fair

Being a diverse team, we acknowledge that people will have different needs and will face different challenges based on their background and situation. We’re all met with different biases and discrimination, which means that not everyone comes in with equal opportunities. 

Equal treatment often means giving the same resources, opportunities and rights to everyone. But that would only be fair if we all had the same starting point and the same needs. That’s why we believe in focusing on equity, and providing resources and tools based on individual needs to give everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential. We believe that treating people fairly sometimes means treating them differently, based on their situation and their needs. 

In our group, we strive to make intentional choices in order to create and sustain an inclusive culture. Structured work with diversity and inclusion also includes making sure everyone has the opportunity to contribute and be their unique self at work. To do so, we’re continuously challenging ourselves to spot and remove the biases that hinder people from accessing the resources and opportunities to help them reach their full potential.

So why is this so important to us?

Because it is the right thing to do. Because by focusing on this, we can change ourselves and hopefully spark change in those around us. And because, by some beautiful quirk of nature, it has positive effects on business.

We find that focusing on diversity with inclusion leads to higher rates of innovation, reduces groupthink and helps us adapt to changes faster and smarter. All due to combining different perspectives.

Focusing on diversity and inclusion brings out the best chances to grow our people and our business. In that order. Necessarily.

Thank you for reading our thoughts on diversity and inclusion. We do not consider this work done. Team members, candidates, customers, partners and everyone else who has input to share are welcome to contact us to help improve. And just maybe we are able to spark change not only within our own group, but within the industries we represent, thus creating a new normal.

Join the New Normal