Bringing Structure to Chaos

Aina Kirstine Solvang - Accountant for Origami Paperworks

If you would have asked me 10 years ago about accounting being in my future, I would have thought you were crazy. It’s not because of the profession, but because I saw myself as a creative free spirit for so long. As a person who desired to experience life in their own way, on their own terms. Of course, that all changed once I found Origami Paperworks. While I may already have had my wings, they were the ones who gave me the chance to fly.

Sowing the Seeds

Growing up on a farm in rural Telemark is an experience that would help shape any person. While I knew that farming itself would never be a part of my future, it was still a home that grounded me. My own retreat where I was able to root my values in family, in hard work, and in the beauty of autonomy. This farm was the starting point of my journey towards finding myself and my talents.

As a child of adoption, with ancestry rooted in a culture a world away, I felt it was important to find out where I was meant to fit in.

I started as a hairdresser. Afterward, I set out for Oslo, where I joined a popular pizza chain. Here I grew an affinity for providing great customer service. I also got my feet wet with management, marketing, and website design. I had such a great time interacting with people and with the business that I decided to balance the work with a media program at the University of Oslo. The reward of juggling life as an earner, a learner, and a parent paid off when I was hired as Manager at Bunad Magasinet.

A Hidden Talent

With a new, exciting opportunity to move back home to Telemark and get the much-needed support of friends and family, I quickly found my footing with Bunad Magasinet. But I was also pretty lucky. They were incredibly flexible and gave me the chance to grow my position by modifying it as I best saw fit. Through this process, when I was exploring different avenues of the business, I discovered how much I actually liked accounting.

It was the structure and rules of accounting that helped me balance the chaos of everyday life. I was hooked.

Eventually, I made the switch when I was offered an accounting position with Origami Paperworks. From there, life seemed to fall into place! I have a job I love, people to grow with, and hobbies that challenge my independence. But above all else, I have the freedom to plan a beautiful future with my daughter. I see cats. I see Taco Fridays. I see Sunday’s in nature. And I even see adventures abroad, where we can together experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of my ancestors’ home: South Korea.