From Oslo Finance to Wilderness Madman

Jon Endre Gjærum - CEO for Assetto

I have always enjoyed both the calm activities nature has to offer and busy city life. And I really had to, seeing that I have spent nearly 15 years in the world of finance, living in the city. I did love it, but when I was given the opportunity to move back home, I took it as a leap of faith and I have not regretted it since.

The Good Life

I didn’t plan to work within finance - it just happened. But I also just so happened to enjoy it. Although I might not fit the mould for a typical finance profile, the work brought me challenges and exciting opportunities for growth. There is a standing joke that I would be the only one in the office not wearing a suit and tie. Admittedly, there is a lot of truth to that joke.

With the financial crisis of 2008, I started reflecting over what mattered to me and what I wanted to spend my time doing. At about the same time, my family and I had the opportunity to take over the family farm, and we chose to do so and move back home.

It’s important to combine different aspects of life to optimize the feeling of happiness.

I definitely like living closer to nature, being able to enjoy the forest close to my home or the ever-tempting mountains. And every year, I spend about three weeks camping in the mountains. Unplugged from the rest of the world, I truly treasure those weeks and the personal rewards they bring me.

Building Something New

Aleksander and I decided to join forces and build a business where we combined our experience from entrepreneurship and finance. That’s how Assetto was formed back in 2012. The business idea continued to develop, and new ideas and projects kept coming our way, until we created the New Normal Group. Today, that means I get to combine doing what I am most passionate about with the life I wish to live.

I am proud of our people - pushing us forward and challenging the status quo.

My job has the unique quality of offering extremely interesting tasks and responsibilities, challenging me to find new solutions, and learn new things. At the same time, I have the freedom to choose how I wish to spend my time. A combination that has become increasingly important to me over the years.

I’ve reached a place in my life where I want to focus my time on three areas:

  • My work, because it’s a lot of fun and I feel we are making a difference.
  • My kids, because they are important to me and grow up too fast.
  • My time off, because doing the things that make me happy gives me energy to be the best version of myself.