Counting Passions

Laura Hanevik - Senior Controller for Origami Paperworks

For me, family is my number one. I grew up in Argentina, with Italian and Spanish grandparents with paramount traditions. To us, Sunday equals family day. I am at my happiest when I have my entire family gathered around a table. Strong values were imprinted in me by my grandfather. I am always true to these values, and eager to pass them on to my children.

Magic in Numbers

I knew I wanted to work with numbers from quite an early age. I enjoyed reading about companies that performed well, studying the numbers and fitting them into a story of success. Apparently it runs in the family, because both my brother and I wanted to become accountants! Throughout our studies we supported each other, creating a healthy learning environment that acted as motivation.

A solid work ethic is another work idea imprinted on me from early on. I worked full time during my studies, providing financial support for my family. To this day, I work hard and take pride in what I do.

Understanding the value of numbers can create magic for a company.

If you were to ask me what I enjoy the most about my role today, it would be how I can contribute to all the different companies I work with by analyzing their financial status and taking the right steps to grow their business. I love helping others succeed.

Poetry in Motion

Dancing and theatre were both significant parts of my life when I was younger. They would add breaks to my routine and allow me to express myself through movement. Our dance group would practice several times a week to perform and participate in competitions. I don't dance as much anymore, but I totally should. My inner Argentine shines brightest when I am dancing.

To me, dancing is an escape.

Although tango is my true passion, I find some of the same relief in biking. Being in motion, when my bike and I become one, that is when I load up on energy.

It Takes Two to Tango

I met my husband through dancing, and I chose a life with him, here in Norway. It wasn’t an easy decision, and building a new life certainly here took some guts. But I was adamant that I would finish my studies. I went to Norwegian classes. It was tough, but also a lot of fun.

Norway is very different from my own country, but I have never regretted my choice to settle down among fjords and mountains and build my life and family here.